Week 2 + Week 3

It’s been a minute since I last posted, and I’ve actually gone through 2 sessions with my one-on-one instructor, both very insightful. Now that I have a feel for what the program is like, I can add more detail to my experience. So throughout the sessions, you have a project you work on which I feel familiarizes you with the Web Dev Pipeline of Git, Github, and Heroku, as well as HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, and a little bit of Ruby.

Currently, I’m working on a Yelp clone. Originally the idea was to map out food trucks, but then I realized this is going to be an issue as they use addresses of existing businesses. And they’re mobile, so it’s not like they stay at one point forever, sooo… I’m rolling with something my friends could use, a BarHopper, lol. Still working on the finishing touches, but I plan to complete it within the next few days.

Alongside the project, I also worked on some deeper lessons involving Ruby. One consisted of zooming out and looking at the whole scheme of things from the viewpoint of Object Oriented Programming. Doing this, we first built a card, and then with those cards, we built a deck. In my most recent mentor session, I learned how to shorthand my code by way of nesting loops, as well as built in methods, and the relationship between .new and initialize.

On top of this, I also worked on a coding challenge where they give you part of the program and what they’d like the end result to be. It was a fun exercise that essentially had you building the program backwards, by defining the class and methods.

As previously stated, this week I’ll be finishing up that Yelp clone, while also taking a deeper dive into OOP on the lessons side, dealing with inheritance in particular.  I’ll also be working on a new Ruby challenge that deals with data and visual representation.

With 9 weeks left as a whole, and 5 before we start group projects, I can already sense that this is where the learning curve may start getting steep. Oddly enough, I feel like I’ll be ready. It’s weird but every one-on-one session, I feel like my brain just unlocked a part it wasn’t using before. Or I’m going bald and there wind is hitting that spot in particular.



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