Week 1: Reinforcement

So alot has happened since my last post, I’ll try to be brief and keep general ideas together. First, my Fizz Buzz algorithm was correct but they had me rewrite it, giving me a hint on how to write the code with less lines. I got that done and they checked it out and approved. We set a time for a meet where we discussed my goals, and they gave me an introductIon on how the course work would be and ways on how to approach trouble shooting before going to the forums for an answer.

The first week passed and I finished my first web app! Doing so, I learned so much about a web development environment and pipeline. I was introduced and got comfortable with git, github, and heroku, all tools to help backup, get commentary on your project, and ship your project live. Github already proved useful towards the end of this project as I deleted a few lines for no reason which broke my app.

You can check it out at http://splurtyhero.herokuapp.com

Along with that, I also had my first Office Hours session, which is where Marco, Ken, and a few other instructors answer any questions people have, regardless of the topic. I had one about pushing databases from an offline setting to live, which was later explained to me that it was a bad idea to do such a thing. You never want to push your safety net to live in the case that you find your live database has some issues. I also got to see the cool code all the other students were working on, which was exciting because it was a preview of what was to come.

So after all that was cleared, Marco had introduced me to my mentor for the upcoming 10-11 weeks. It’s pretty cool how much he has under his belt, and even intimidating, but I can’t wait to soak up what I can. I was also given access to the second project, which was to create a yelp clone. I think I have an idea in mind which would be cool and useful that I could apply to this project. There are also a set of videos that explains the previous project in a slowed and broken down fashion. I’m still pounding the concepts in my head, such as the differences between Classes and objects, the methods which accompany certain things and etc.

From the get-go, the first week has pretty much filled my head with so much. In terms of a working environment, I’ve learned how to set up a localhost to preview my work, how to backup my projects by using git and github, I’ve seen some advice on how to keep a terminal open while accessing a localhost as a way of troubleshooting, and how to use heroku to push my web app live for people to see.

From a development side of things, I’ve learned about Classes and how they act like a spreadsheet and can come with relative attributes. I’ve learned the MVC concept, which has made it easier for me to find things. I’ve learned how to hook my site up using the routes file in the config folder. I’ve even relearned and improve my knowledge of bootstrap, and how to use it to get a webpage of my liking. I’ve learned how to call on a database to save, retrieve, or destroy a query, as well as how to create a form to receive user input.

I can probably keep going on awhile longer, but that is the gist of it.

Something indirectly relative, I would suggest people try out Sudoku. I have no idea if it actually helps you as a programmer, but for me personally, it has helped me expand my thinking of how to solve a problem. If you find it boring just to do it straight up, you can do what I do; time yourself, and on the next round of sudoku, try and beat your old time.

Until next time,



One thought on “Week 1: Reinforcement

  1. Really cool stuff, Ramon. This is exciting.

    I used to teach the MVC concept in the Interactive Design class, but most students found it overwhelming. I’m glad you’re running with it.

    I’m following you on Github now. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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