New beginnings.

Hi, my names Ramon.

I’m a huge anime fan, music buff, a pretty serious “gamer”, and love sports. And food.

But this blog is more about how I’m adding something to that list. And on top of that, I can actually make a decent living doing it. I’ve found my so-called “calling” in coding, web development specifically.

I’ve always been an hobbyist when it came to web development and built websites for friends and guilds throughout different games but I have never took it serious because I didn’t know there was a living to be made having such a skill set.

Last year ended in such a frantic fashion with my grandpops struggle with cancer and eventually passing away. But in the final 2 months of the year, that was when I decided to find a program I like and in the new year, I would go after it and start this journey of mine. Shoutout to my Web Design prof. at Moorpark College, Tim. It was his class that really opened my eyes that I wanted to code and stick closer to web development, than majoring in graphic design.

The program I’ve found is called The Firehose Project. There are plenty of online programs, but the reason I decided to go with them is because of how the curriculum focus changes depending on your goals, and how they prep you for it. I got in touch with one of their founders, Marco Morawec, who then invited me for an info session and asked me to try out some prework.

Currently, I’m in the process of putting that prework together. They have me working out of this online book: Learn Ruby the Hard Way. It’s some pretty awesome prework and I feel like I’ve learned so much just by getting through 20 of the exercises.

Overall, that’s what this blog will be about; My journey from being someone who only knows HTML and CSS, to a well polished Full Stack Web Developer and eventually learn how to “drink from a firehose”.

Hope you enjoy the ride!



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